Finger Toothbrush (Shifting Sand/Blush)

Finger Toothbrush (Shifting Sand/Blush)


Help brushing go smoothly and begin building good habits with these 100% BPA-free, chemical-free finger toothbrushes!


Made from food grade silicone, the bumps on the back assist with sore, teething gums while the bristles on the front keep your baby's teeth clean.

Conveniently packaged in twos (one for baby to hold and one for parent to use on baby).


Hand wash with warm water.


Please note: There is a sheet of plastic in this toy's packaging. Mushie is close to eliminating single use plastics in all their packaging but this product is yet to be updated.


We apologise for this inconvenience and will always notify you if the packaging is not 100% eco-friendly.