Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Giving gifts is my favourite thing about Christmas and half the fun is wrapping them all beautifully and adding those extra personal touches. I like to come up with a theme so I can mix and match all the gift wrapping to look nice under the tree.

If you want to try and be a bit more eco-friendly this Christmas, have a read of this useful guide of sustainable gift wrapping options.

Kraft Brown Paper

Wrapping with recycled brown paper is simple yet effective and as it's a blank canvas you can really be creative with the finishing touches.

It is also FSC Certified, fully recyclable and can be re-used afterwards - keep it for the kid's next painting session!

Fabric Wrapping

If you have some tea towels, scarves or leftover fabric to hand then why not wrap your gifts in them?

It's easy to do and if you get some pretty scarves then it's an extra present for the recipient!

Recyclable Wrapping Paper

The lovely recyclable wrapping paper available at Turtle & Badger has been sourced from re-wrapped.

With just a little extra effort, it's easy to find lots of beautiful wrapping paper that is made using recycled materials and can also be recycled. Avoid anything with sparkles as this is usually not recyclable.

Re-Use Boxes and Paper

If you have some old wrapping paper leftover and gift boxes you have received in the past, then re-use them.

Even if they're not made with sustainable materials, it is always better to get multiple uses out of something rather than throwing it away.

Add Some Christmas Magic with These Finishing Touches

Tie a Bow with Cotton Twine

Cotton twine is available in a wonderful array of colours and patterns to match any colour theme.

Using twine is also a great way to stop using sellotape as it's not recyclable.

Add a Floral Touch

It's super easy but looks really impressive if you add dried flowers to your gift, it will smell wonderful too.

Other pretty options are dried oranges, rosemary or a simple piece of holly for that Christmas feel. If you're a baker, why not add a gingerbread man? However, do not try this one if you're giving a gift to someone with a dog!

Get out your Paintbrush or Add a Decorative Stamp

If you are really creative then you can draw bespoke illustrations for all your friends and family.

If artwork is not your talent then there are lots of festive stamps and vegan ink available to add decorations to your brown paper.

Wooden Decoration

A wooden decoration is a wonderful keepsake to add to your gift wrapping.

There are some sweet options at Turtle & Badger which have been printed on responsibly sourced maple wood.

If you love sending gifts but hate gift wrapping, not to worry, we can gift wrap your order for you. We use recyclable paper, twine and swing tags so you can add a personal message.

We hope you have found this guide useful, give it a go and tag us @turtleandbadger -

we'd love to see how you've been wrapping sustainably this year!